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September, 2010:

NSW BPS Round 9 Ryde Meet — 4 September 2010

Meet report from Caroline Makin

Travelling with just her hubby Scott for poolside support, Caroline Makin headed Swimmer Trophynorth to compete in the NSW Ryde BPS Meet on Saturday 4 September.

Caroline was impressed with the facilities at the aquatic centre and the organisation from the Ryde club. She even got to know another ‘Pommie’ swimmer and her family from the Warringah Club and talked about the ‘old days’ of swimming in the North East of England and National UK Age Group Championships as a teenager!

Swimming in three individual events, Caroline Makin was up against some particularly tough competition in her 40-44 age group. Personal best times in the 200m IM, 100m Backstroke and 50m Backstroke meant Caroline headed home to Canberra pleased with her performances and with 25 points for the club.

Scott, on the other hand, was impressed with his personal performance as videographer on Caroline’s 200m IM and with the sausage sizzle Ryde laid on towards the end of the meet!

NSW BPS Round 8 Campbelltown Meet — 22 August 2010

Meet report from Ian Hampton

Swimmer TrophyOur team of nine Vikings had a pretty damn good day after taking an early start up the road to the outskirts of Sydney to take part in the NSW Campbelltown BPS Meet on Sunday 22 August. We finished fourth overall with 363 points behind Campbelltown 592 points, Blacktown and Oak Flats.

Individually we achieved the following:

Atsuko McGowan — equal first in age group with three first places and one second place.  I think we all love watching Atsuko (water dancer) swim Backstroke — great swim over 100m in 1:18.17, considering that first 50 was maybe a bit quick at around 36.8s.

Annette Britten — second in age group with three first places and one second including a good swim over 100m Butterfly in 1:35.91.

Caroline Makin — equal second in the same age group as Annette; also with three first places and one second.  Nice 100m Freestyle in 1:16.17.

Ann Reid — a first place, also second, third and fourth places. Nice strong 400m Freestyle in 06:11.87.

Liz Needham — a first place, two seconds and a third.  Nice quick 19.37s over 25m Backstroke.

Pam Munday — two first places and three second places.  A good gutsy 200m Butterfly in 3:43.63.

Jane Lindsay — two second places and two third places.  A perfect 25m Freestyle in 30.00s dead.

David Bale — a first, a second and two third places.  A nice 100m Individual Medley in 1:26.72 and maybe learnt a little bit about the value of doing a warm up BEFORE a 200m Individual Medley!!

Ian Hampton — third in age group with two firsts, a second and a fourth place. A strong 200m Breaststroke in 03:22.93.

First place for our Women’s 160+ Medley Relay Team of Atsuko, Pam, Annette and Liz in a pretty sharp 1:17.63 considering the in-the-water push-off starts from the exceptionally shallow, shallow end.

Fourth place for our Mixed 200+ Freestyle Relay Team of David, Ian, Jane and Ann in a slightly less sharp 1:19.21 — but the points all count …

It is a pretty easy drive to Campbelltown and back, and we car pooled which made it an overall nice day and less pressure on the drivers.  Club captain sort of slept in back seat on way home with Liz (driving) and Atsuko (co-driver and front seat passenger) …don’t think they stopped talking for longer than 15 seconds — amazing …

NSW Long Distance Championships — 8 August 2010

Meet report from Ann Reid

Swimmer TrophyFour intrepid long distance swimmers hit the road to Sydney on Saturday 7 August to compete in the NSW Long Distance (LC) Championships at Blacktown on Sunday 8 August.  A valuable bonding session was held at the Sutton Forest McCafe, before continuing to Blacktown to find our accommodation. A seafood buffet at the local club supplied the requisite fuel for the next day’s event.

After a disturbed nights’ sleep (nothing to do with dinner!) the swimmers then battled with the local netball fraternity to find a park near the Blacktown Aquatic Centre before hitting the water for a decent warm up before the serious stuff began.

WinnerAnne Smyth, Ann Reid and Suzie Gunning were all in the first event: the 1500m Freestyle. Suzie’s swim was epic stuff! Her cheer squad knew the time she had to swim in order to beat her competition (only 65 seconds faster than her nominated time) and urged her to swim faster (and faster) which she did, winning the gold by 1.28 seconds! No wonder she had a headache afterwards. Anne Smyth also won the gold in her age group and Ann Reid got the bronze in hers.

WinnerNext up was Caroline Makin in the 800m Individual Medley. Like Rod (one of our coaches from not so long ago) Caroline, until recently, thought that a 200m swim could be considered a long distance event. With only two previous 800m IMs (during aerobic swim sessions) under her belt, she put in a valiant swim and took out the gold in this race.

WinnerAnother epic swim in the 400m Freestyle took place when Anne Smyth took on Pam Martin from the Woyong Wobbygongs Club and they swam neck and neck the whole way. Pam’s longer arm won the day and Anne took home the silver (just 0.51 seconds difference!).

WinnerAnn Reid managed to finish a slow, but steady paced 400m Butterfly without incurring the wrath of the beady eyed officials. Long distance form stroke swims give every budding Inspector of Turns and Judge of Strokes ample opportunity to watch for errors and to consult with the many other poolside officials. One feels like one is being put under a microscope! Six or so officials at each end of your lane for eight laps can be rather off putting.

Winner… and finally, the 400m Backstroke event saw Caroline Makin put in another fine performance to take the gold and Suzie Gunning the silver, in their respective age groups.

Our haul of five gold medals, two silver and a bronze gave us seventh position on points (26 clubs competing), third on average points (there were 10 clubs with four or more swimmers) and second (by just two points) in the Second Division trophy. Not a bad weekend!