2009 Aerobic Swim Results

Aerobic SwimWe should give ourselves a big pat on the back for our performance.  In the national rankings we were seventh out of 78 clubs on total points, and ninth on average points per member.  In the New South Wales rankings we were second out of 23 clubs on total points, fourth on average points per member and fourth on participation rate.  There is no national ranking for participation rate. Full results available on the Masters Swimming NSW Website.

Can we maintain our position in 2010?  Can we improve on it?  To do this, we all need to get more points than we did last year, except of course for those people who scored maximum points  –  you can’t do better than that!.

If you look at the Aerobic Swims Summaries 2010 spreadsheet, you will find a new sheet at the far end called ‘Points Comparison’ which is designed to help us track our progress.  It lists everyone who did any aerobic swims last year, and shows their points for both last year and this year.  When points for this year match last year’s, the swimmer gets a silver star; and when this year’s points exceed last year’s, the silver-star becomes a gold-star.  Anyone joining the programme for the first time this year will of course be added to the list, and they will get a gold-star as soon as they earn their first points.  Also, anyone who scored maximum points last year will get a gold-star on matching them this year – it would be a bit unfair to award only a silver-star for a perfect score!  On second thoughts, perhaps matching last year’s maximum points deserves two gold stars.

We currently have three gold-star swimmers:  Catherine, David and Merrilyn

Top Ten for 2009

Our members feature in a number of the national top ten rankings for short course swims in 2009, especially in the longer aerobic swims.  The star performance was the women’s 45-49 one-hour freestyle, where we took the first four places:

1st Anne Smyth 3700m
2nd Jeanette Sheather 3675m
3rd Ann Reid 3550m
4th Suzie Gunning 3500m

For more information about individual aerobic swims and summaries for 2009, check out the Aerobic Swims Summaries 2009 spreadsheet.

Recent Achievements

Congratulations to Catherine on completing her first ever one-hour swim, and first ever 3km swim, and also to David and Anne on completing their first ever 400m butterfly.

More information, including session times, is available on the The Aerobic Swim Programme page.

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